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Collect Authentic reviews on your Product pages

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a review page full of fantastic comments?
That’s why it is time to ask your customers for their opinion. Start collecting customer feedback by adding a product review form to your product page.
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Add Reviews with Photos & Videos

Video and photo testimonials have a higher conversion rate than written reviews. Customers can hear and see your reaction through video, which enhances credibility, engagement, and authenticity.

Design Customization

Easily customize the review elements like the colors, style design, text options, star rating, and customer avatar.

Adjust the look and feel of your product reviews to match your store template design.

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Add Rating in Google Search results

Add Rating in Google Search results

Display star ratings in Google search results to encourage customers to click.

Combining Google search results with strong visual reviews has been proven to: 

  • Boost click-through rates.
  • Reduce costs.
  • Make your brand more visible.

Profanity Filter & Moderation

Automatically remove reviews that use improper language to improve user experience

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Look's great on Mobile

Look's great on Mobile

Fully responsive on all screen sizes and devices

Review Moderation

Verify and manually approve reviews before they get published

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Build Customer Trust

Feature your best product reviews on all pages


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Product Page

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Collection Page

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